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Friday, August 9, 2013

Time to Refuse to go to Prison-Defund Wealthy Farmers, and Prisons, Not Food Stamps.#FOXNEWS #TheBlackTeaParty

Potential Prisoners Boycott California Prisons Or die a slow death at the hands of 
Sadist -one who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others.;

Prisoners have become part of the economy, manufacturing and assembling products for major corporations, while private prisons have emerged as multi-billion dollar 

Philadelphia Schools Closing While A New $400 Million Prison Is Under Construction: Could It Be Worse Than It Sounds? - Forbes:

"Is there a a way to justify closing 23 Philadelphia public schools and laying off potentially thousands of teachers in order to build a new $400 million prison complex for Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections (DOC)?"

Well a solution in education 

1. refuse to go the prison route  and; 

2.  If you were to pay Black parents to teach their own children, these stats would change, parents could teach children about becoming prey by the age of five. If a child fails, don't pay the parent. Teachers are paid for failing black children. We are required by law to send our children to schools that fail them. Our children are dying in prison and on the street. You do the math. This is worth fighting for. The UN has ruled solitary confinement to be cruel and unusual punishment. Black inmates have a case pending for these acts of barbarity filed at the UN. Let's talk about this. You have time to concern yourself with the German/Irish genocide of a people in syria for $$. I don't. God Bless Them. Stop Killing American Black Babies (gang related is the name racist choose to replace the word nigger). These are our "BABIES' (the word we choose). 

Three thousand of those prisoners at 14 UNICOR prison factories manufacture land, sea and air defense devices for the U.S. government through its subcontractors, such as Boeing(NYSE: BA)Lockheed MartinGeneral Dynamics (NYSE: GD) and Raytheon. These subcontractors purchase the parts assembled by UNICOR at cheap prices, assemble them and sell them to the Pentagon as advanced weapon systems.
Prisoners manufacture a wide array of products, such as components for McDonnell Douglas/Boeing’s F-15 fighter aircraft, General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin’s F-16s, and Bell/Textron’s Cobra helicopter. They also produce components of Patriot missiles, night vision goggles, minesweepers, body armor and radio devices, among other products. This business has made UNICOR the U.S. government’s 39th largest contractor.
State Level
While some people may argue that using penal labor to produce national defense products is acceptable, should that labor be outsourced to publicly traded corporations to strengthen their bottom lines? In the past, state prisons have provided labor for corporations such as Bank of America, AT&TStarbucksChevron, and Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), among others.
Opponents believe that using prisoners - who don’t have Social Security benefits, health plans, pensions or union representation - to work for multinational corporations at third world wages is a form of legalized slavery. In addition, studies have shown that rising prison labor has taken jobs from the private sector, resulting in higher unemployment.

You care about the few:
Reporters and gun owners have rights but try NOT having the right to walk or drive down the street, by car or bike, without being searched and seized or seized and searched, every day of your life, again and again.  

The original Tea Party did not want to pay taxes to an outside government. Now the Tea Party loves placing money into countries out side the United States of America. May they live where their money is kept?  The Tea Party also wants to use the 501c to terrorize this government.     Laws are created with Black Americans in mind. Think of a way to feed your family, a new law will be created.  First, they convince you that you are a minority; by their count.  Then teachers trained to hate you, not educate you,  condition you in schools to hate the person sitting next to you. At the same time, laws are being re-created with Black Americans in mind. Yes, You find a way to feed your family, in this society, and a law will soon be created, that ‘hustle’ is now illegal. So your family starves or you join the military and fight for the rights of others that you, yourself have never realized.  Architects,  Philosophers , All of our best doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, artists, musicians, poets, Philosophers, Teachers, Cooks, Seamstress', designers, unlimited are imprisoned. Teachers identify them by third grade, suggest to the parents that you beat them like they are slaves, and when you do, calls the police on the parent and the child is taken away. This is not by accident (Lynch Letter), It is racism condoned by racist achieved by "divide and conquer" tactics. Not just here but, globally, Racist are the minority in this mind game. They only have the power that we give to them. We should be more stingy with our power to give. Today, those first to ban all slavery,  the British government is negotiating payments to thousands of Kenyans who were detained and severely mistreated during the 1950sMau Mau insurgency in what would be the first compensation settlement resulting from official crimes committed under imperial rule.   


The American prison system is massive. So massive 

that  its estimated turnover of $74 billion eclipses the 

GDP of 133 nations:

Say no to prison. Just say No More by saying yes to Obama care.

In 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that prisoners were entitled to the same medical and dental treatment as everyone else in their community. Prisons that withhold necessary care from inmates can be held liable for violating constitutional bans against cruel and unusual punishment. Injury and diet July 26, 2013 A recent note to HFP:

the ACLU filed a suit alleging that a guard at the company's Eloy Detention Center in Arizona had masturbated into a cup and then demanded that a transgender prisoner drink the result.)
 In 2008 alone, there were an estimated 216,000 sexual assaults on men, women, and children in American detention facilities—that's 600 a day, notes the group Just Detention International, or 25 an hour.

CCA can certainly afford to address the issue. The longtime industry leader in prisons and immigrant detention, it owns or operates 67 facilities (see table of its customers below) and boasts about $1.7 billion in annual revenues—more than 40 percent of which come from the federal government and most of the rest from the states and localities. The company reportedly employs 35 lobbyists on Capitol Hill, with hundreds more working in 33 states over the past eight years.

 private prisons are among those least attentive to the sexual victimization of inmates by guards and other inmates. For instance, in a 2007 survey of local jails by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a CCA facility in Torrance County, New Mexico, clocked in with the highest rate of sexual victimization (13.4 percent), more than four times the national average. It also had the highest rate of staff-on-inmate sexual victimization—7 percent, as compared with a national average of around 2 percent.

The prisons also benefit from these industries because they often charge outside companies a fee or earn all of the money for themselves by manufacturing and selling products. Prison industries are able to create a wide array of products. Furniture such as desks, chairs and couches are created by inmates. Refurbishing print cartridges has become a major industry for some jails. Repetitive data entry jobs frequently are performed by computer-savvy inmates.

Drugs 50.7%
Public-order 35.0%,
Violent 7.9%
Property 5.8%
Other .7% 

the U.S. incarcerates its citizens at a rate that is 5 times the world average. Defund wealthy Farmers, not food stamps.

 This is a benefit in manufacturing, because prisoners are paid a fraction of what employees outside of a penitentiary earn, saving large sums of money.

 http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-private-prison.htm A private prison is a detention center that is managed by a private enterprise, also called a for-profit enterprise. Most prisons are public prisons. A private prison differs from a public prisonbecause a private prison is not operated by the government. Instead, the government pays a private enterprise to run the prison.


The earliest known form of prison privatization in the United States took place after the Civil War, although that particular system shared little with the modern private prison. The system was known as convict leasing. Essentially, private enterprises, such as farms or businesses, rented prisoners from federal and state governments. The prisoners would then provide labor for the private enterprises as if they were employees.

The topic of private prisons is a controversial one. Opponents of prison privatization argue that for-profit companies should not be in charge of inmates because they'll have a higher probability of being mistreated and abused. Additionally, opponents of private prisons argue that by privatizing prisons, companies are essentially making money when citizens go to jail. The longer they stay in jail, the more money the enterprise will make. Therefore, opponents say, the private prison industry will contribute to lobbying for harsher sentencing in order to serve their financial interests.

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