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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mayor and Governor Determines Freedom VOTE

The MOVE members lived in a commune in a house owned by Donald Glassey in the Powelton Village section of West Philadelphia. MOVE members staged bullhorn-amplified, profanity-laced demonstrations against institutions which they opposed morally, such as zoos (MOVE had strong views on animal rights), 

Hearst voiced increasing support for the aims of the SLA. She eventually denounced her former life, her parents, and fiancé. At that point, she claimed that when the SLA had given her the option of being released or joining the SLA, she chose the latter. After she adopted the SLA's ideology, she announced that she was using the nom de guerre "Tania", after Che Guevara's associate "Tania the Guerilla".

When you make everything and anything, Illegal You are certainly on the mind of the mayor and the Governor                :
What caused Philadelphia officials, in collusion with state and federal agencies, to drop a four-pound bomb made of C-4 plastic explosive and Tovex, a dynamite substitute, onto the roof of the Osage Avenue headquarters of the MOVE organization in West Philadelphia on May 13, 1985? Why did six adults and five children have to lose their lives that day? Why did firefighters allow an entire neighborhood go up in flames while they sat idly by? #COLLECTIVECARE 

Biography of Frank Rizzo  And The Rev. W. Wilson Goode Sr. (mayor from 1984 to 1992)

Hearst participated in the robbery, holding a rifle, and the security camera footage of Hearst became an iconic image. (Hearst was tried and convicted for her involvement in the Hibernia Bank robbery. Her sentence was later commuted by Jimmy Carter and her crime eventually pardoned by Bill Clinton.)

#FrankRizzo   #WWilsonGoodeSr

Hearst was thought to have had a
relationship with Willie Wolfe, and described him 
at one point as
 "the gentlest, most beautiful man I've ever known."
She eventually denounced her former life, her parents, 
and fiancé. At that point, she claimed that when the 
SLA had given her the option 
of being released or 
joining the SLA, she chose the latter. After she adopted
 the SLA's ideology, she announced 
that she was using the name

Initially, the SLA issued an ultimatum to the Hearst family: that they
 would release Patty 
 a ransom, in the form of a food distribution program. 
The value of food to be distributed fluctuated: on February 23 
the demand was for $4 million; it peaked at $400 million. 
Although free food was distributed, the operation initially came 
to a halt when violence erupted at one of the four distribution 
points.[4] This happened because the crowds were much 
greater than expected, and people were injured as panicked 
workers threw boxes of food off moving trucks into the crowd.
 After the SLA demanded that a community coalition called the 
Western Addition Project Area Committee be put in charge of the
 food distribution, 100,000 bags of groceries were handed out at 
16 locations across four counties between February 26 and 
the end of March

Patricia Hearst, after a long and highly publicized search, was captured with Wendy Yoshimura on September 18, 1975. In her affidavit she claimed that SLA members had used LSD to drug her and had forced her to take part in the bank raid. However, Hearst's recorded statements, along with the fact that she had not escaped when she had the opportunity, made many think she had come to support her kidnappers. Despite her claims, she was convicted of the Hibernia Bank robbery and sentenced to seven years in prison but had served only 21 months when her sentence was commuted by US President Jimmy Carter. She was pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office.Hearst had immunity because she was a state's witness, but as there was no trial, she never testified.
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