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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Monroe Doctrine and The Black American Colony of Liberia in Africa

 Despite the West African 
mineral wealth including
diamond mining,
it remains one of the
countries in the world, 
where some 60 percent 
of people get
 by on $1.25 a day.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
 has a vision for her country: to be off 
foreign aid in 10 years and "middle income" by 2030. 

She also sees a role 

for American Africans,

 to whom her people are linked by
 a shared history, in that vision. 

Liberian Surfers


King James came to the continent of Africa for a specific reason. He was dedicated to bringing the best builders to the new world . He did not stop until he had captured every man women and child that was any way notable as a partisan architect. He Forcibly removed them thereby, creating a void. 


 Building Wells, Building Internet and Global Relationships.  Return to Liberia (Black Wall Street) at the request/bequest 
 of the first female president.   Make your fortune building wells. Building Infrastructure. Buildings, Roads, Bridges. The World Needs Water, America.  Within Our knowledge of building, Knowledge is Black PowerED  Wall Street. 

That is in construction of infrastructure such as roads and railroads, dams, ports, and airports.  Make it a business in Building wells, and overseeing mining in

Liberian Surf

Africa's unspoilt surf paradise

When Alfred Lomax took up surfing five years ago, he was regarded as Liberia's first homegrown surfer.
He's no longer the only Liberian catching waves, but with the sport still a niche interest in the West African country, some are touting Liberia as one of the world's last undiscovered surfing destinations.
Lomax took up surfing shortly after the end of the 14-year civil war that destroyed much of his country. He says being out in the waters off the Liberian coast is like being in heaven. "Nothing beats surfing," Lomax says. "I feel so happy."

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has a vision for her country: to be off foreign aid in 10 years and "middle income" by 2030. 

She also sees a role for African Americans, to whom her people are linked by a shared history, in that vision. 

Africa's first elected female head and
Liberian Flag

Liberia was founded by the American re-colonization society as a place for freed Negro slaves to repatriate back to Africa. It is the oldest self-ruled Negro Republic in Africa, becoming independent in 1847. It was built with money from white philanthropists in the US and protected by the United States army. The name means “Liberty.” The capitol Monrovia, is named after US president Monroe.

The capitol Monrovia, is named after US president Monroe.

A ROLE FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS and Something to Invest In


Black American colony of Liberia in Africa  "Liberia's economic growth is on an upward trajectory and economic prospects over the medium term remain favorable. Real GDP growth is expected to reach close to 9 percent in 2012, driven by continued strong growth in the mining sector and rising activity in construction and other services."

Liberia is a country rich in natural resources -- including iron ore, rubber, timber, diamonds, gold and tin -- which Sirleaf, a former banker, is relying on to help the economy. The nation is also prospecting for oil. http://www.theroot.com/views/ellen-johnson-sirleaf

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has a vision for her country: to be off foreign aid in 10 years and "middle income" by 2030. 

She also sees a role for African Americans, to whom her people are linked by a shared history, in that vision. 

Africa's first elected female head of state closed out her address to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday by assuring those gathered: "Despite the distractions, local and external, our people are determined to take their destiny into their own hands."http://www.liberiapastandpresent.org/OpenDoorPolicy.htm#19th century - conquest and colonisation

The early 20th century: the ’Firestone Colony’The Open Door Policy: a success?

Before the end of the Second World War, the only important foreign investor in Liberia was the American “Firestone Tire & Rubber Company”, which in 1926 had obtained an enormous concession agreement from the Liberian Government. During the 1926-1951 period, Liberia’s dependence on this company slowly increased and was finally complete. For this reason the country became colloquially known in this period as the “Firestone Colony”. This changed when iron ore production was begun in 1951. The mine was exploited by another U.S. company, the “Republic Steel Company”.In the following 20 years, the highly attractive investment facilities offered by the Liberian Government, the abundance of natural resources and the political and social stability caused an invasion of foreign investors.

Since the arrival of foreign investors, Liberia has changed tremendously. Before the arrival of Firestone, the monetary economy was virtually negligable and, significantly, was found only in the coastal areas. Even in 1950, one could hardly speak of ‘one country’’ because of the separation between coastal areas and hinterland. The two regions were separated by lack of roads and other means of communication and even by different laws. The latter was changed as late as the 1960s. The political power stayed, however, in the hands of the Americo-Liberians.

In the 1970s the results of the Open Door Policy were impressive at first sight: Liberia had the largest registered merchant fleet in the world as a result of a flag of convenience policy. Liberia had become Africa’s first and the world’s third exporter of iron ore. The most important investors were giants of the U.S. rubber industry: Firestone, Goodrich and Uniroyal. Important American industries in the steel sector such as Bethlehem Steel Corporation and Republic Steel Corporation both have large investments in Liberia’s iron ore mines.

Within a period of 25 years, Liberia had succeeded in attracting foreign investments exceeding 1 billion U.S. dollars, among which was the largest post-war Swedish investment abroad and the largest German investment in tropical Africa.

James Monroe -  "
Monroe was part of the American Colonization Society formed in 1816, which members included Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson. They found common ground with some abolitionists in supporting colonization. They helped send several thousand freed slaves to the new colony of Liberia in Africa from 1820 to 1840. Slave owners like Monroe and Jackson wanted to prevent free blacks from encouraging slaves in the South to rebel. With about $100,000 in Federal grant money, the organization also bought land for the freedmen in what is today Liberia.[58] The capital of Liberia was named Monrovia after President Monroe.[59]"

Comparative Crime Stats Mexico South America and Liberia Africa For

Illicit drugs

  Liberian Crime stats

  transshipment point for Southeast and Southwest Asian heroin and South American cocaine for the European and US markets; corruption, criminal activity, arms-dealing, and diamond trade provide significant potential for money laundering, but the lack of well-developed financial system limits the country's utility as a major money-laundering center

  Mexican Crime stats

major drug-producing nation; cultivation of opium poppy in 2007 rose to 6,900 hectares yielding a potential production of 18 metric tons of pure heroin, or 50 metric tons of "black tar" heroin, the dominant form of Mexican heroin in the western United States; marijuana cultivation increased to 8,900 hectares in 2007 and yielded a potential production of 15,800 metric tons; government conducts the largest independent illicit-crop eradication program in the world; continues as the primary transshipment country for US-bound cocaine from South America, with an estimated 90% of annual cocaine movements toward the US stopping in Mexico; major drug syndicates control the majority of drug trafficking throughout the country; producer and distributor of ecstasy; significant money-laundering center; major supplier of heroin and largest foreign supplier of marijuana and methamphetamine to the US market

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