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Monday, December 31, 2012

High School Student--Another Victim Of Newtown Shooting Just Where Does It End? | Bossip


High School Student--Another Victim 

Of Newtown Shooting Just Where Does It End? 

This is a stand your ground situation. 

This is a stand your ground situation.  Students rights to express their views cannot be abridged simply because the views are unpopular with school officials or other students.The people who founded our country were smugglers, gun owners, and tax resistors. These freedom fighters did not recognize the authority of any government to interfere with honest trade, peaceful behavior, or the right to bear arms. Ultimately, they refused to be stopped and searched for guns and contraband. violation:Webb didn’t turn the poem in as her assignment; it was something she had written for herself. However, the teacher discovered it in her personal notebook and turned it over to the principal. [i.e. The teacher stole it]

"The California Legislature and the U.S. Supreme Court have recognized that high schools are important forums for free speech and political debate," said Julia Harumi Mass, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Northern California. "As students prepare to participate as full citizens in society, schools should encourage independent thought and dialogue about current events, even controversial ones. School administrators certainly cannot silence students because they disagree with the students' message, which is what happened here."

JUST US/Suspending-Suspension/

Continually removing students from school has harmful emotional effects that often impact the rest of their lives. Students who have been suspended may develop the belief that they are worth less than other students. They gain a reputation as troublemaking, disobedient kids who will never amount to anything. They develop low self-esteem and often become depressed or angry. But instead of trying to help them, the school system often punishes them, adding to the resentment they already feel. They also miss out on the benefits of participating in class and interacting with peers, which teaches essential communication skills. They grow to hate the education system, which vastly increases high school dropout rates. One study revealed that over two-thirds of a group of imprisoned high school freshmen in Baltimore had been suspended in middle school. Suspension more than triples the chance of dropping out of high school.

San Francisco high school student suspended for Newtown shooting poem | Bossip:the origin of the Second and Fourth Amendments, the heart and soul of this Republic. Adults who refuse to be told what they may eat, drink, smoke, or otherwise ingest are not criminals anymore than those who refuse to be told what they may read, write, think, or believe. 
San Francisco high school student suspended for Newtown shooting poem | Bossip:

AND OF COURSE:  Minority students and those with disabilities are suspended more often, for lesser offenses, and for more time overall. Over 65,089 suspensions last year were given to students with disabilities. Children suffering from ADD, dyslexia, and ADHD are often sent out of the room for not paying attention or disrupting class, even though this is because of their disability. African-American students received 53 percent of all suspensions, and black children with disabilities made up 50 percent of the disabled suspension rate. The ratio of suspensions for black boys to white boys is three to one, while black girls are four times as likely to be suspended as white girls. In a Minnesota survey, African-Americans accounted for 40 percent of suspensions, despite constituting only 10 percent of the student body. Despite many reassurances to the contrary, racism still seems pervasive in schools, and it's unfair and unjust to punish disabled children for “misbehavior” that they cannot control.

The issue of unjust suspension is an ever-growing problem. It is the responsibility of students and parents to draw attention to this rising injustice. Anti-suspension views must be aired at school board meetings, and it is the duty of the victims to publicize unfair treatment. Banning students from learning environments and causing them to fall behind is a waste of time for both schools and students. It's time to stand up against suspension in schools and fight these unfair penalties.

Sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union, AB 1729 will be heard today in the Assembly Committee on Education at 1:30 p.m. and will be one of five bills on school discipline on the agenda.
The recently released data reveal that in San Francisco Unified, Black suspension rates are more than six times the rate for whites (14.4 percent vs. 2.2 percent), and the Hispanic expulsion rate is 5 percent. Nationally, Black students were three and a half times as likely to be suspended or expelled than their white peers.

Black males stood out, with 20 percent (one in five) being suspended from school during the 2009-10 school year. By comparison, seven percent of white males, nine percent of Hispanic males and three percent of Asian American males were removed from school for disciplinary offenses. This data is consistent with previous data examined by researchers at the Civil Rights Project out of UCLA.

“Many of us teachers have seen what is now described as the school-to-prison pipeline in our careers, sadly beginning at a very early age in many cases. But to see these trends quantified at both the school and adult corrections level is alarming, and the state needs to help districts deal with this at the front end because I spend many days in Sacramento dealing with the back end – our corrections crisis, and making realignment work because this is where many of these kids end up,” said Ammiano who is chair of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety.

This SF School system's conduct is disgraceful. It is utterly incompatible with basic notions of fairness and with every ideal that Californians and this Nation must  hold dear. The legitimacy of our Amendment Rights and our system operating in a fair and equitable manner with justice being dispensed based on innocence or guilt – not based on race or other forms of prejudice. That did not happen here. Instead, this suspension is constitutionally tainted by naked racism and represents an ugly stain on California's public education system that cannot be allowed to stand any longer.

Justice demands that this stain be removed from Courtni's . The process in which this case was based is fundamentally flawed. Therefore, pardons of innocence must be issued to right this:
 wrongful illegal search and  seizure ;    
suppression of the freedom of speech; 
and civil liberties; 
and the right to privacy;
including the act of theft by an authority figure, a strikeable offence;
Thereby the student's record in this instance must be expunged.
Least we all have no Inalienable rights!
Courtni is obviously gifted. Like many other students like her, she should instead be given an all expense paid scholarship to the university of her choice not libeled, slandered or expelled. When you ruin the record of a black child, you scar him/her for life.  That is the business as usual in this intance.

Slaves are readin' and writin' now too.

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