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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Forum Post: Protest the Sequester

Stand with President Obama and tell House 

Republicans to reverse the sequester --


Stop Republican Attacks on Voting Rightshttp://www.dccc.org/page/s/voting-rights

SIGN YOUR NAME: Tell House Republicans that we 

need commonsense immigration reform now -->




The IRS picks it's people.
Barnes Law Wesley Snipes | Barnes Law: "IRS coerced her to lie about Wesley Snipes."

Tax evasion:

Who are the real takers?

Forum Post: Protest the Sequester

What kind of Occupy movement is this that is silent when Congress passes a bill that slashes funding for the most vulnerable populations in this country? Where is your resistance when it's needed? While you are addressing a thousand different issues and bickering over matters of process when educational funding has been terminated for our children? Not to mention daycare, food inspections, housing for veterans, meals for senior citizens.... I can't believe I have not read ONE posting related to the cuts. Why did you make such a show of marching back in 2011, to protest corporate greed, if you're going to sit back and do nothing now? You are such a big disappointment. NOW is time for unity and action. Wake up, people, and get your priorities straight.

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