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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

911 Call Made By Daughter Of Creflo Dollar Released | digtriad.com:

Sentencing 13- and 14-Year-Old Children to Die in Prison   

Keep your Children Inside

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Creflo Dollar, “Finding Mr. Charlie”
Business as usual in Atlanta Georgia

…All hope of reward for upright conduct is cut off.  Vice in them becomes a virtue.
No distinction is made by the community in which we live.  The most vicious is treated as well as the most respectable, both in public and private. 

But it is said we all look alike.  There is a marked difference; and we claim recognition of this difference.

In the present state of things, they find God’s provisions interfered with in such a way, by these and kindred regulations, that virtue may not claim her divinely appointed rewards.  Color is made to obscure the brightest endowments, to degrade the fairest character, and to check the highest and most praiseworthy aspirations. If the colored man is vicious, it makes little difference; if besotted, it matters not; if vulgar, it is quite as well; and he finds himself as well treated, and received as readily into society, as those of an opposite character.  Nay, the higher our aspirations, the loftier our purposes and pursuits, does this iniquitous principles of prejudice fasten upon us, and especial pains are taken to irritate, obstruct and injure.  No reward of merit, no remuneration for services, no equivalent is rendered the deserving. And I submit, whether this unkind and unchristian policy is not well calculated to make everyman disregardful of his conduct and every woman unmindful of her reputation:

Slaves were now and then charged with the murder of their own children, sometimes to prevent them from growing up in bondage.  In Covington a father and mother, shut up in a slave baracoon and doomed to southern market, “when there was no eye to pity them and no arm to save,” did by mutual agreement “send the souls of their children to Heaven rather than have them descend to the hell of slavery.” And then both parents committed suicide:

From American Slave As It Is
Theodore Wild, 1839, pp. 9-10.

How Many Children can we afford to be sacrificed to a system that defiles them?

As a SLAVEHOLDERS AND their apologists are volunteer witnesses in their own cause, are flooding the world with testimony that their slaves are kindly treated; that they are well fed, well clothed, well housed, well lodged, moderately worked, and bountifully provided with all things needful for their comfort, we propose—first, to disprove their assertions by testimony of a multitude of impartial witnesses, and then to put slaveholders through a course of cross-questioning which shall draw their condemnation out of their OWN MOUTHS.  We will prove that the slaves in the United States are treated with barbarous inhumanity; that thy are overworked, underfed, wretchedly clad and lodged, and have insufficient sleep; that they are often made to wear round their necks iron collars armed with prongs, to drag heavy chains and weights at their feet while working in the field, and to wear yokes, and bells, and iron horns; that they are often confined in the stocks day and night for weeks together, made to wear gags in their mouth for hours or days, have some of their front teeth torn out or broken off, that they may easily be detected when they run away; that they are frequently flogged with terrible severity, have red pepper rubbed into their lacerated flesh, and hot brine, spirits of turpentine, poured over the gashes to increase the torture; that they are often stripped naked, their backs and limbs cut with knives, bruised and mangled by scores and hundreds of blows with the paddle, and terribly torn by the claws of cats, drawn over them by their tormentors; that they are often hunted with blood hounds and shot down like beasts, or torn in pieces by dogs; that they are often suspended by the arms and whipped and beaten till they faint, and when revived by restoratives, beaten again till they faint, and sometimes till they die; that their ears are often cut off, their eyes knocked out, their bones broken, their flesh branded with red hot irons; that they are maimed, mutilated ad burned to death over slow fires.





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