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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

China's Influence in Africa: Implications for the United States

King James came to the continent of Africa for a specific reason. He was dedicated to bringing the best builders to the new world . He did not stop until he had captured every man women and child that was any way notable as a partisan architect. He Forcibly removed them thereby, creating a void.
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Even though Ghana boasts of one of the highly skilled workforces in the sub-region, successive governments still rely on foreign countries to undertake strategic infrastructural projects in the country, including the very basic projects like housebuilding.

China's Influence in Africa: Implications for the United States:
Trading Wells For Natural Resources:

Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources. Africa
The continent has enough natural resources to take care of the whole world, for example The D.R.C is capable of generating enough hydro electricity to power the whole continent, but at this very moment the whole of southern Africa is facing a regional power deficit Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique,Zambia and DRC are all having to do load shedding.
The continent has reserves of gold,platinum,diamond,natural gas,oil,water,coal,asbestos,uranium even skilled labour, but non of this is being used for the benefit of the continent. does anyone have answer to this.
Involvement of the People's Republic of China in Africa
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This article is primarily about economic relations between the PRC and Africa. For a more general overview, see Sino-African relations.

Chinese involvement in Africa, which began centuries ago, continues through the present day through exploration, trade, and the settlement of Chinese people in Africa. This includes the ongoing move by the People's Republic of China to secure highly needed natural resources through Chinese-African trade and diplomatic relations.
The quest for key resources in Africa targets areas rich in oil, minerals, timber, and cotton, such as Sudan, Angola, Nigeria, and South Africa. Many African countries are viewed as fast-growing markets and profitable outlets for the immediate export of cheap manufactured goods, and the future export of high-end products and services.

Large scale structural projects, often accompanied by a soft loan, are proposed to African countries rich in natural resources. China commonly funds the construction of infrastructure such as roads and railroads, dams, ports, and airports. These amenities aid the movement of natural resources back to China, and provide China with leverage to obtain exploration and drilling rights. While relations are mainly conducted through diplomacy and trade, military support via the provision of arms and other equipment is also a major component.

In the diplomatic and economic rush into Africa, Taiwan, the United States, France, and the UK are China's main competitors. France and the UK were once the primary commercial partners in Africa, but China recently became the largest trading partner, with trade of US$90 billion in 2009. The United States ranked 2nd, with $86 billion.[1] Although Africa has seen economic growth through commodity exports to China, critics argue that Chinese exports to Africa—as well as Chinese business practices—have impeded aspects of African development.[2] China continues to expand its influence in the region on diplomatic, cultural, and commercial fronts, while working to secure and stabilize the region for long term gains.[1]

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