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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Building Wells, Trading Natural Resources for Best African Relations with The US

King James came to the continent of Africa for a specific reason. He was dedicated to bringing the best builders to the new world . He did not stop until he had captured every man women and child that was 

any way Former Vice President Dick Cheney is interviewed by SiriusXM Patriot host David Webb at SiriusXM studios on Oct. 25, 2011 in Washington, DC.notable as a partisan architect. He Forcibly removed them thereby, creating a void.

Halliburton, Dick Cheney, and Wartime Spoils://www.commondreams.org/views03/0403-10.htm
Mr. Cheney sought deferments. By the time he turned 26 in January 1967 and was no longer eligible for the draft, he had asked for and received five deferments, four because he was a student and one for being a new father.  Cheney on fighting war:

We'll use our intelligence and our military services very aggressively. And we have. We did it in Afghanistan, we've done it in Pakistan, we're working with the Paks, we captured or killed hundred of Al Qaida. We've done it in Saudi Arabia, and obviously we're doing it now in Iraq.


  Building Wells, Building Internet and Global Relationships.  Return to Black Wall Street.   Make your fortune building wells. Building Infrastructure. Buildings, Roads, Bridges. The World Needs Water, America.  Our knowledge in building Knowledge is Black PowerED  Wall Street. 

That is in construction of infrastructure such as roads and railroads, dams, ports, and airports.  Make it a business in Building wells.





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The President of the United States is only one person. He needs our numbers. He needs our thoughts. What ever your store front or product is, from art to candy to nuts and bolts, find the Global market that will appreciate your good customer service and or goods. 

 My space Rocks the Da__n vote.
Buy From China When China Buys From You.
The continent of Africa has reserves of 


gas,oil,water,coal,asbestos,uranium, rich in oil, minerals, 

timber, and cotton, herbs

We are the skilled builders  originally brought  to America skilled builders. We build the wells and fill the global void.

http://www.957thebeat.com/main.html How we Gossip entertain, small talk U.S.A. meanwhile...

WE are going taking our wares to the Global Market

MySpaceRocks The Vote,  MySpaceRocks The world. Accepting The responsibility for our own selves

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