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Friday, August 19, 2011

Website Published

Website Published       Everything Algebra.       “We recognize that success in math and science lays the foundation for success in school and beyond”. Algebra is a group sport. Try to start a study group. brainstorm new ideas to experience practical algebra, like building models, doing art projects and playing games.  If you are looking at these words for the first time, and you need to pass algebra NOW. Pray. Reach deep inside your inner self for spiritual guidance and most of all have faith of a mustard seed and you will be fine. Just learn the language any way you can. Pray for peace. Success will come. Good luck High five. Give yourself algebra spelling test. Write algebra vocabulary words ten times each. Look up algebra words in the Dictionary. Write the definitions in a journal. Take note of the patterns (process), they are constant and will not change up on you.  Use the language with instructors, classmates, and any one that will listen. It is the contention here at Baby Algebra Toys that  algebra is a language that speaks to the art in life, and that the best way to achieve your own algebra goals (by third grade) is to play with it!  Algebra and fun are two peas in a pond. So bring what you got and we will share what we have to make the the road to algebra a Hallelujah! experience. 

We have every thing art algebra:Hats; t shirts; dictionary; notebooks; screen savers; algebra journals; pens;posters;calendars;books; magnets; toys; puzzles; coloring books.

This site is officially dedicated to Jamaar. Jamaar has been serving an 86 year prison term in an American prison since age 15. We feel that he is representative of what life can bring when, as statistics will tell you, early opportunities to experience algebra are not taken seriously in society as a whole, but further, neglected at the community level, as well. We are not doing that any more. Baby algebra toys work. Back to Babylon.

Introducing baby to algebra as early as the baby shower via algebra themed baby beginnings, such as:mobiles, room plaques, pacifiers and other baby algebra paraphernalia,we inundate baby with the message that algebra is important to baby and family tradition.Baby algebra uses pictures and key words to help Baby to generalize and grasp algebra concepts. Therefore we can think our way through the stepping stones called tests. Colors and images react . Colors with one side of the brain, images with the other side of the brain, together create and complete the learning process inherent at birth . WALLA! Baby does algebra.

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