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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unemployed: Work From Home

Unemployed: Work From Home:

I have a job opportunity for you selling amazon books over the computer. You just need ask people if they are going to order a book, than to please order that book from you. Even ask your principal at your school and at your social worker office and the school board. Ask for an adult to take you; ask your gm. Make an appointment. Network with your friends. You are smart, the more people who order from you, thru your website. The closer you get to a million dollars.

Ask people in other countries, in their own language,

 Nelson Mandela Oh yes my Baby can do algebra
Work With Me

A computer in every home. We create our own storefronts--Computer Marketing  Taking Books and Algebra Literacy around the world, to every neighbor hood and village. It all begins with the first step. EARN Cash Now. Thank You President Obama for my new Mac. I worked my whole life to own it. I deserve it! Thank You President Mandela for Keeping my spirit Free:

A computer in every home.