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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Panacea Baby Algebra

Please come to our Grand Opening Premier: Happy Baby  Introducing baby to algebra as early as the baby shower via algebra themed baby beginnings, such as:

mobiles, room plaques, pacifiers and other baby algebra paraphernalia,

we inundate baby with the message that algebra is important to baby and family tradition.

Baby algebra uses pictures and key words to help Baby to generalize and grasp algebra concepts. Therefore we can think our way through the stepping stones called tests. Colors and images react . Colors with one side of the brain, images with the other side of the brain, together create and complete the learning process inherent at birth . WALLA! Baby does algebra.http://algebraworks.blogspot.com/2011/07/baby-algebra-toys-and-puzzles.html

GED forMathPrepOnLineFREE

My Space Rocks The Vote-Baby Do The 

Boo Boo Dance


Algebra Works

ON Education: Education is self -developmentWar or civilization; we cannot have both, but must be prepared to defend our own democracy.

Algebra is a language baby algebraworks BUTTERFLY


Dance with your baby 

Baby Algebra Road Trip slideshow/

FREE FILL IN ON LINE (BY ANYONE) HABEAS CORPUS Intended For Unconstitutionally Unjust Imprisonment

Our Children the Prisoners of War on Drugs Sentenced to 90 years at age 15,

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Bullying in Schools or gang-related behaviors: Training for school counsellors.
Use of Cooperative Groups within the classroom promotes positive behavior stave off propagation of gang related behaviors school bullying panaceahttps://picasaweb.google.com/algebraworks/WhatIMustLearnHowILearnItCooperativeGroups#slideshow/

Focusing on the rights for Juveniles per constitution of U.S. 

Algebra cooperative groups are essential tool for developing those  analytical and social skills necessary for success in algebra acquisition and in problem solving.

The tower of Babel was the first observatory, used to study and to name the stars. It was this place that the original algebra tablets were found--Nimrod treasures.

Depending on the government for job...Is like depending on the Coffee Party to Pay taxes.

 Visit Clark Atlanta University

Face book politics:

Cool math .com - Online Math Dictionary for K-Algebra- formulas ...

synonyms of cosine Cosine similarity is a measure of similarity between two vectors by measuring the cosine of the angle between them. 

A vector is a ray that has a magnitude (length) and a direction (which way it's pointing.)  Vectors are used a lot in physics and navigation.

Free Online Dictionary
Algebra Works: Just Use a Dictionary to do algebra

conversions-How many makes one (X) Finding( Y divided by "X" converting measures-How many is one (X) Babyworks conversions-How many makes one (X)

Say nope to dope and suppliers. Where does confiscated drug money go? Could it help to
balance the budget?

 If you have a college degree, you are lucky enough to be able to make your own job.

Can we prevent child abuse ➢ Don’t blow your smoke in baby's face... No hitting no name calling no bullying

In Biblical Times a Rod was a Book A rod is a book. Read a chapter to your child today, or just allow your child to read a chapter to you . Jus one chapter could make a difference in 
a baby's third grade reading scores.

If your baby is black, by the time he is fifteen, 1 of his peers (also black)  will go to live in prison. It will not be the peer that can read algebra. Algebra is life, without prison. Prison is life without algebra. Algebra is the ability to describe every thing that you see, everything that you believe, feel or think.

Baby Algebra Works: Algebra Cooperative Groups Are In  

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Have a College Degree? Why depend on the Govt for Employment. College Grad; Create Your Own Job;

Make algebra a habit, we all win Algebra for all

Buy Black Create your Own employment and Pray for ... employment, Family reunions, Mandela, pray for peace, school uniforms, Wares

Algebra Works: Isn't Congress a great Role Model . Gang-Related.

A Personal Computer In Every Home--Sign a petition... Seniors computers; petition for; computer home work remedies; necessities, 21 century; human right; politicians on notice

A well-informed mind is the best security.

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