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Friday, July 22, 2011

Obama is a straight Line To the World "Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will". Nelson Mandela

Free Our President To Give Our System a Chance to Work.

By Letting "The Media" and it's Congress know that,  it is  the President of the United States  that we trust with our children's treasure chest. Tell Congress to work WITH  the President Or go . If you live here:

 You are a stakeholder.
Obama is a straight Line To the World http://my.barackobama.com/page/share/debt-deal-calls?source=20110726-report-calls

Change Is Not About Politics as Usual 

A direct ask from the President

This week, the President made a direct request of the American people: That we ask our leaders in Congress to come together to raise the debt ceiling so the U.S. doesn't default on its obligations for the first time in our history.

An ideological faction of House Republicans has been making extreme demands like ending Medicare as we know it, gutting Social Security, and rejecting any compromises that might make millionaires or big corporations pay their fair share to get our debt under control -- effectively holding our economy hostage.

It's up to us to tell Congress to put politics aside and get the job done...

We say get with our President or go home.Triangles And Parellel Lines 

Atlanta Georgia USA

Triangles are Very Strong You can Use them to make pyramids if you want

Parallel Lines go on forever and never cross each other. They hep to make driving a car safer for all. Parallel Lines do not intersect each other.

These parallel Lines are in Atlanta Georgia. You can see triangles every where you go, if you look, you will see that they are not strait lines, so they have an "x" over and a "Y' up or down. You will have a graphing calculator so you can play triangle games to help the world become a better place.

When a line starts to curve it gets a different name, but this curve is still in Atlanta GA USA.

These parallel Lines are headed to the mountains in California, USA. These lines came all the way from Georgia, USA. Even though they curved, they were always parallel and never intersected.

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